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Christmas Day

We hope your Christmas was peaceful, without hospital admissions and everyone got some well earned rest and recreation.  If you were working in vital services like the NHS, emergency services or caring > thank you very much. Any resolutions?

Boo to resolutions (who needs the extra pressure, frankly), though if you stand for….

  1. engaging and supporting the over 50’s in diverse work forces
  2. preparing for and enabling wellbeing in older age
  3. helping older people find new purpose by investing their skills and wisdom post ‘retirement’
  4. ensuring older people have dignified and self-determined care
  5. ending the postcode lottery of care provision
  6. eradicating stigma attached to being old or being a carer
  7. giving the army of unpaid carers both a voice and more support

…we stand with you.  Let’s make 2018 count.

In the meantime, have a good evening whatever you’re up to tonight.