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Returning to work after caring — February 15, 2020

Returning to work after caring

What happens when caring responsibilities stop? There will certainly be grief from the loss of a loved one. Ex carers can also feel completely out of the loop, unsure where or even whether returning to work is an option, low in confidence.  Carers UK asked fellow carers and I to test a new e-learning platform designed to support current and ex carers who want to return to work.  It went live on Thursday, could it help you?

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Hospital admission, 20 tips for carers — January 21, 2020

Hospital admission, 20 tips for carers

a&e and and e hospital emergency admission older elder dementia carer carers

Marj had a fall at the end of last year and needed to go to hospital. It reminded me of the extra support we need to give elders at such a distressing time. Our loved ones need extra reassurance if they live with dementia too. Here are my tips…

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Podcast for carers, Maud spills the beans — November 8, 2019
Hydration in a heat wave — July 21, 2019
It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And? — June 10, 2019

It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And?

Carers Week definition of a carer

You may have noticed it’s UK Carers’ Week 2019.  So what has this got to do with you?  If you care for a loved one, even if you just pop by with groceries, do check it out.  It could be a gateway to more support and take a little load off…

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Continence support — May 23, 2019

Continence support

elder older continence

Continence is one of the topics I’m most asked about, yet is often an incredibly sensitive subject to broach or prepare for.  It’s an important topic.  Continence confidence can boost health, self esteem and make life easier all round.  Read on for how to broach this topic, free support and more practically, how to prepare a bathroom for all eventualities…

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Oral and dental health maintenance — April 14, 2019

Oral and dental health maintenance


Sound dull? Hang on a minute… oral and dental health is critical to our wellbeing.  All of us, especially those vulnerable to bacterial infections like pneumonia, must brush our teeth first thing in the morning, before breakfast.  Spitting, not rinsing.  Not what you were taught when you were little?  Me neither.  Read on to find out why…

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How employers can help working carers — March 28, 2019

How employers can help working carers

working carers employers policy

Some carers work. Some carers work for an employer. And many carers either need to or want to keep working for their employer. Yet many carers (40% in the USA for example, World Dementia Report 2018) say they have no choice but to give up work. 1 in 6 even feel penalised for their caregiving duties.  While governments wrestle with the social and fiscal consequences of our increased longevity, could businesses help?

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Finding home care support for elders — January 30, 2019

Finding home care support for elders

Could home care be an option for your elder? When should you start looking for extra help with care at home?  How might you broach the subject? Can your elder afford it? Where do you find good carers and what preparation do you need to do?  It feels like a big responsibility and can be overwhelming.  Our experience will help guide you too.

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Last minute Christmas presents for elders and carers — December 24, 2018

Last minute Christmas presents for elders and carers

Ok. It’s Christmas Eve and you’ve taken present buying down to the wire. Grab that coffee and read on for our ‘sure thing’ ideas and recommendations.  There’s still time, good luck.

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