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37 Building a good relationship with the care assistant — February 19, 2022

37 Building a good relationship with the care assistant

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Building a strong, trusting relationship with the extended team that cares for your elder, spouse or friend is as essential as building strong relationships at work, or with other family and friends. You never know when you’re going to need each other to go the extra mile in an extraordinary situation.

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36 Making care decisions in a pandemic — October 24, 2020

36 Making care decisions in a pandemic

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Are your care responsibilities increasing?

How has coronavirus impacted your caring role? For all of us, caring in lockdown has been ultra challenging. Alarming headlines about shielding, isolation and the tragic loss of loved ones before their time are chilling. If you have family care decisions to make right now, consider whether it’s best for you to personally shoulder more caring responsibilities at this time. Carers are still helping dearly loved family members move into care homes or maintaining home care. A neighbour, a friend and I share our experiences during the pandemic.

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35 Carers Week 2020, 8-14 June — June 8, 2020

35 Carers Week 2020, 8-14 June

Carers UK estimate that since the start of the pandemic, staggeringly, an additional 4.5 million people in the UK have become unpaid carers. In total, that’s 26% of the population. So while carers’ groups, respite and day centres are suspended, Carers Week 2020 offers extra help for carers. There are also new ways to campaign for the unpaid, family carers that support formal care and healthcare services. Read on for a summary of what’s on this week.

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34 Carers versus corona virus — March 25, 2020

34 Carers versus corona virus

These unprecedented times call for special measures, from all of us individually and as a community. I’ve pulled together everything both coronavirus and carer-relevant on a new page here. The situation is changing fast so for as long as I can, I’ll update the page daily rather than bombard you with too many posts or emails. You may want to ‘bookmark’ the page and check in every now and again.

If you’d like a bit more company, you can also follow and/or chat with me (Maud) on Facebook or Twitter. Maud & Mum is also on Instagram if you’re interested in our daily life (it’s not like the Kardashians). Just search for @maudandmum. More than ever, we could all do with a bit more (virtual) company.

Like you, I’m scared but also determined to keep the coronavirus out of my home. Good luck to you and your families, love

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Pic from my daily walk, no one needs another coronavirus image.

33 Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine) — March 15, 2020

33 Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine)

carer emergency plan, carers, elders, dementia, caring,

Covid-19 advice means I’ll need to self isolate if I get symptoms, so it’s time to write that carer emergency plan I’ve meaning to get around to. If, like me, you’d need to let other people know what to do if you were suddenly unable to care for your elder, read on.  There’s a downloadable document you can use too, that saves you reinventing the wheel.

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32 Returning to work after caring — February 15, 2020

32 Returning to work after caring

What happens when caring responsibilities stop? There will certainly be grief from the loss of a loved one. Ex carers can also feel completely out of the loop, unsure when or even if returning to work is an option, low in confidence.  Carers UK asked fellow carers and me to test a new e-learning platform designed to support current and ex carers who want to return to work.  It went live on Thursday, could it help you?

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31 Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers — January 21, 2020

31 Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers

a&e and and e hospital emergency admission older elder dementia carer carers

Marj had a fall at the end of last year and needed to go to hospital. It reminded me of the extra support we need to give elders at these distressing times. Our loved ones need extra reassurance if they live with dementia too. Here are my tips…

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30 Podcast for carers, Maud spills beans — November 8, 2019
29 Hydration in a heat wave — July 21, 2019
28 It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And? — June 10, 2019

28 It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And?

Carers Week definition of a carer

You may have noticed it’s Carers Week 2019. So what has this got to do with you?  If you care for a loved one, even if you just pop by with groceries, do check it out.  It could be a gateway to more support and take a little load off…

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