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Making care decisions in a pandemic — October 24, 2020

Making care decisions in a pandemic

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Are your care responsibilities increasing?

How has Corona Virus impacted your caring role? For all of us, caring in lockdown has been ultra challenging. Alarming headlines about shielding, isolation and the tragic loss of loved ones before their time are chilling. If you have family care decisions to make right now, consider whether it’s best for you to personally shoulder more caring responsibilities at this time. Carers are still helping dearly loved family members move into care homes or maintaining home care. A neighbour, a friend and I share our experiences during the pandemic.

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Carers versus corona virus — March 25, 2020

Carers versus corona virus

These unprecedented times call for special measures, from all of us individually and as a community. I’ve pulled together everything both corona virus and carer-relevant on a new page here. The situation is changing fast so for as long as I can, I’ll update the page daily rather than bombard you with too many posts or emails. You may want to ‘bookmark’ the page and check in every now and again.

If you’d like a bit more company, you can also follow and/or chat with me (Maud) on Facebook or Twitter. Maud & Mum is also on Instagram if you’re interested in our daily life (it’s not like the Kardashians). Just search for @maudandmum. More than ever, we could all do with a bit more (virtual) company.

Like you, I’m scared but also determined to keep the corona virus out of my home. Good luck to you and your families, love

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Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine) — March 15, 2020

Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine)

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Covid-19 advice means I’ll need to self isolate if I get symptoms, so it’s time to write that carer emergency plan I’ve meaning to get around to. If, like me, you’d need to let other people know what to do if you were suddenly unable to care for your elder, read on.  There’s a downloadable document you can use too, that saves you reinventing the wheel.

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Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers — January 21, 2020

Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers

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Marj had a fall at the end of last year and needed to go to hospital. It reminded me of the extra support we need to give elders at such a distressing time. Our loved ones need extra reassurance if they live with dementia too. Here are my tips…

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Hydration in a heat wave — July 21, 2019
Continence support — May 23, 2019

Continence support

elder older continence

Continence is one of the topics I’m most asked about, yet is often an incredibly sensitive subject to broach or prepare for.  It’s an important topic.  Continence confidence can boost health, self esteem and make life easier all round.  Read on for how to broach this topic, free support and more practically, how to prepare a bathroom for all eventualities…

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Oral and dental health maintenance — April 14, 2019

Oral and dental health maintenance


Sound dull? Hang on a minute… oral and dental health is critical to our wellbeing.  All of us, especially those vulnerable to bacterial infections like pneumonia, must brush our teeth first thing in the morning, before breakfast.  Spitting, not rinsing.  Not what you were taught when you were little?  Me neither.  Read on to find out why…

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Finding home care support for elders — January 30, 2019

Finding home care support for elders

Could home care be an option for your elder? When should you start looking for extra help with care at home?  How might you broach the subject? Can your elder afford it? Where do you find good carers and what preparation do you need to do?  It feels like a big responsibility and can be overwhelming.  Our experience will help guide you too.

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Slowing or even avoiding dementia? Can we help ourselves? — November 9, 2018

Slowing or even avoiding dementia? Can we help ourselves?

Modern medicine has extended our average longevity which is awesome.  Our challenge nowadays is how to live those extra years well, not poorly.  Mounting evidence suggests that changes to our lifestyle may help postpone dementia and expertise is emerging to help guide us.

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Older adult service providers in Oxon and Bucks and beyond — October 6, 2018

Older adult service providers in Oxon and Bucks and beyond

Service providers in Oxon and Bucks carers carer dementia

I’ve attempted to pull together a definitive list of the links to older adult service providers in Bucks.  I’ve also added many available in Oxon.  All of them know and support their Local Authority (LA) older adult care services.

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