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27. Continence support — May 23, 2019

27. Continence support

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Continence is one of the topics I’m most asked about, yet is often an incredibly sensitive subject to broach or prepare for.  It’s an important topic.  Continence confidence can boost health, self esteem and make life easier all round.  Read on for how to broach this topic, free support and more practically, how to prepare a bathroom for all eventualities…

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13. The free care available from the NHS — April 30, 2018

13. The free care available from the NHS


The gateway to older adult social support varies across the UK from local authority to local authority (LA).  The GP is the gateway to all health services, whatever your LA.  Find out how to get the most from your GP in this post.

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10. Getting help from older adult social services — February 28, 2018

10. Getting help from older adult social services

I’d like to (try to) explain how important it is to engage early on with social services, how you do it and what to expect.  Warning – this post is long, but it is important (and it’s much shorter than the ‘official’ bumpf).  I’ll explain how it works in Bucks so you will need to double check for your county. In the meantime take a tea break and curl up on a sofa with this for 10 mins.

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8. Genning up on awesome mobility equipment — January 31, 2018

8. Genning up on awesome mobility equipment

Knowing about mobility aids and where to get them helps older adults maintain their independence, dignity, activity and wellbeing longer AND protects their carers from strain or injury.  I reveal the equipment we’ve valued over the years and how to access it, in case it can help you too.

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4. Getting some financial support — November 28, 2017

4. Getting some financial support

I know that you’ll have a full and busy life.  I also realise that your own financial admin fills enough of your time, let alone taking on anyone else’s.  But stay with me. This post may sound dull as ditch water, but it could unlock some extra financial support for your elder or you.

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