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It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And? — June 10, 2019

It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And?

Carers Week definition of a carer

You may have noticed it’s Carers Week 2019. So what has this got to do with you?  If you care for a loved one, even if you just pop by with groceries, do check it out.  It could be a gateway to more support and take a little load off…

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Are you a carer? — May 31, 2018

Are you a carer?

ladies wearing love heart hats

Even though you’re reading this, it’s likely you don’t identify yourself as a carer.  Even if you are actually helping someone.  Interesting isn’t it?  I guess the ‘carer’ tag just isn’t a ‘sexy’ identifier.  Perhaps it even brings negative imagery with it?  Perceptions and attitudes around those who care for friends or relatives have to change.  Otherwise thousands of people won’t get the support they’re eligible for.

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The Carers Bucks AGM — May 11, 2018

The Carers Bucks AGM

Carers Bucks agm carers dementia Maud oxon

Today I’m at the Carers Bucks AGM, finding out more about what Carers Bucks do. And to add extra excitement (for me at least), I’m speaking too. I’m cock a hoop to be meeting other local carers, care workers and policy makers.

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