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Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine) — March 15, 2020

Writing your carer emergency plan (copy mine)

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Covid-19 advice means I’ll need to self isolate if I get symptoms, so it’s time to write that carer emergency plan I’ve meaning to get around to. If, like me, you’d need to let other people know what to do if you were suddenly unable to care for your elder, read on.  There’s a downloadable document you can use too, that saves you reinventing the wheel.

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Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers — January 21, 2020

Hospital admission, 22 tips for carers

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Marj had a fall at the end of last year and needed to go to hospital. It reminded me of the extra support we need to give elders at such a distressing time. Our loved ones need extra reassurance if they live with dementia too. Here are my tips…

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It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And? — June 10, 2019

It’s Carers’ Week 2019. And?

Carers Week definition of a carer

You may have noticed it’s UK Carers’ Week 2019.  So what has this got to do with you?  If you care for a loved one, even if you just pop by with groceries, do check it out.  It could be a gateway to more support and take a little load off…

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Continence support — May 23, 2019

Continence support

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Continence is one of the topics I’m most asked about, yet is often an incredibly sensitive subject to broach or prepare for.  It’s an important topic.  Continence confidence can boost health, self esteem and make life easier all round.  Read on for how to broach this topic, free support and more practically, how to prepare a bathroom for all eventualities…

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). How to DIY without big fees. — March 31, 2018

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). How to DIY without big fees.

lasting power of attorney health and finance LPA carer carers

LPAs (both ‘financial’ and ‘health’) are a good idea for any adults who are mutually dependant on each other. They’re used when one adult suffers a temporary incapacity (eg due to a severe injury). For anyone with a chronic brain disease like dementia, LPAs are an important personal safeguard. Find out how to apply for LPAs in this post.

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Care Plans, why they’re important and how to write one (copy mine) — March 11, 2018

Care Plans, why they’re important and how to write one (copy mine)

A Care Plan is important and helpful when you start having to explain to others how best to support your elder.  If other family members offer help while you’re elsewhere *yay*, it saves you having to explain over again what to do. The care plan also expresses the current preferences of the person needing extra care.

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Older adult social care services and how they help — February 28, 2018

Older adult social care services and how they help

It’s very important to engage social care services early on. I explain here how you do it and what to expect.  Warning – this post is long, but it’s important (and it’s shorter than the ‘official’ bumpf).  I’ll explain how it works in Bucks so double check for your county. In the meantime take a tea break and curl up on a sofa with this for 10 mins.

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Capturing a life’s story — February 14, 2018

Capturing a life’s story

I’d like to highlight what I think is one of the most important parts of a ‘care plan’. The bit that attempts to convey a little of the life history, passions, interests and preferences of the person being cared for. That way helpers don’t just see an ‘old person’, they see an individual.

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Support for carers and why you need ‘me time’ — December 22, 2017

Support for carers and why you need ‘me time’

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No it’s not halloween! This is Maud and Mum’s joint ‘me time’ last Saturday night = face masks + ‘Strictly’ final

You’re there for your elder partner, relative or friend.  Who is there for you? How do you manage your energy so you have enough for everything you want to do AND keep some in reserve for fun and/or emergencies? Find out how to build your carer support network here.

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