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Free health care available from the NHS — April 30, 2018

Free health care available from the NHS

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The gateway to older adult social support varies across the UK from local authority to local authority (LA).  The GP is the gateway to all health services, whatever your LA.  Find out how to get the most from your GP in this post.

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Care Plans, why they’re important and how to write one (copy mine) — March 11, 2018

Care Plans, why they’re important and how to write one (copy mine)

A Care Plan is important and helpful when you start having to explain to others how best to support your elder.  If other family members offer help while you’re elsewhere *yay*, it saves you having to explain over again what to do. The care plan also expresses the current preferences of the person needing extra care.

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Capturing a life’s story — February 14, 2018

Capturing a life’s story

I’d like to highlight what I think is one of the most important parts of a ‘care plan’. The bit that attempts to convey a little of the life history, passions, interests and preferences of the person being cared for. That way helpers don’t just see an ‘old person’, they see an individual.

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Happy New Year (and our resolutions) — December 31, 2017

Happy New Year (and our resolutions)

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Christmas Day

We hope your Christmas was peaceful, without hospital admissions and everyone got some well earned rest and recreation.  If you were working in vital services like the NHS, emergency services or caring > thank you very much. Any resolutions?

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