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Capturing a life’s story — February 14, 2018

Capturing a life’s story

I’d like to highlight what I think is one of the most important parts of a ‘care plan’. The bit that attempts to convey a little of the life history, passions, interests and preferences of the person being cared for. That way helpers don’t just see an ‘old person’, they see an individual.

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Mobility aids – gen up here — January 31, 2018

Mobility aids – gen up here

Knowing about mobility aids and where to get them helps older adults maintain independence, dignity, activity and wellbeing longer AND protects their carers from strain or injury.  I reveal the mobility aids we’ve valued over the years and how to access them.

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Moving in together and other decisions – the importance of choice — January 22, 2018

Moving in together and other decisions – the importance of choice

carer carers moving in with parent Buckinghamshire oxfordshire
Home sweet home

Your older friend/parent/parents need more support nowadays.  Perhaps you’re nearby so you can pop in from time to time.  What happens when it’s clear that ‘popping in’ is no longer enough?

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