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How employers can help working carers — March 28, 2019

How employers can help working carers

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Some carers work. Some carers work for an employer. And many carers either need to or want to keep working for their employer. Yet many carers (40% in the USA for example, World Dementia Report 2018) say they have no choice but to give up work. 1 in 6 even feel penalised for their caregiving duties.  While governments wrestle with the social and fiscal consequences of our increased longevity, could businesses help?

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Support for carers and why you need ‘me time’ — December 22, 2017

Support for carers and why you need ‘me time’

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No it’s not halloween! This is Maud and Mum’s joint ‘me time’ last Saturday night = face masks + ‘Strictly’ final

You’re there for your elder partner, relative or friend.  Who is there for you? How do you manage your energy so you have enough for everything you want to do AND keep some in reserve for fun and/or emergencies? Find out how to build your carer support network here.

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